Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cream Cheese Icing With a Side of Oh, Canada!

About 10 seconds, or shorter (if you are very astute) after you meet Bryan and Susanna, you realize that they are absolutely perfect for each other.  I was so honored when they asked me to make their cake...nothing but the best for these dear friends! 

Bryan is from Canada, and although many different ideas were tossed around as options for his groom's cake (talking robots, flying rocket ships christened 'the klingenburg', ice cream landing pads...) it was finally decided that a simple tribute to the home country was necessary. 

(all Canadians don't take pictures like this, just this Canadian...)

Thus, a red velvet Canadian Flag cake!  Bryan made absolutely sure that I got the flag right, and I definitely didn't want to insult the out of country guests by destroying their flag!

I think I got the flag right..... Bryan was worried that the American cake decorator would have trouble getting the correct design, so he emailed me a link to Wikipedia, just in case :) 

The next day was the wedding day dawned fresh and....rainy.  I have never delivered a cake in the rain before, let alone the thunderstorms that happened all day!  The wedding cake was a traditional white almond sour cream pound cake, but with a twist...cream cheese icing and chocolate chip cannoli filling!  This maybe my favorite filling I've ever tried....maybe because I love chocolate, maybe because its a fun surprise, or maybe because its just plain delicious.  Either way, it worked! 

All morning I worked on the cake teirs, watching the clounds roll by.  Thunder by.  Lightening by!!  I finally found a break in between the scary clounds and ran the cake tiers down 3 flights of stairs to my car, flew (carefully) to the North Carolina Museum of History, unloaded the cakes in the pouring down rain, teired the cake, changed into my dress in the bathroom and made it to the wedding with 4 minutes to spare!  Whew!

I think it turned out beautifully!  I LOVE fresh hydrangeas, and they suited this cake perfectly.  Some of these were from one of Susanna's family's garden, which made them all the more special! 

I loved being able to watch them cut the cake and eat their first bite together! 

All in all, my first cream cheese wedding cake, and my first delivery in a thunderstorm...I was proud of the outcome!  A delicious, beautiful cake for a wonderful couple.  I was so thankful to be a part of this!  Many happy blessings and wishes for the happy couple as they explore their 'new normal' together!!