Monday, August 24, 2009

Monkey-ing Around!

Apparently this is the year of the monkeys! In the past few weeks I've gotten to do two cakes for little boys....and the theme of both of them was monkeys!

Both cakes were delicious vanilla cakes with all buttercream decoratiosn....and sad to say, I didn't get a chance to take a picture of any of them while they were being eaten...they got 'gone' too fast!

Learning point: when making icing that is DARK brown, as the fur of the monkeys that I did, it helps to start out with chocolate buttercream as a base! Coloring straight from white buttercream can take a LOT of food coloring. Dark brown teeth are never that attractive...even after eating a slice of cake!

Here's a cute monkey, peeking over the edge of the cake, welcoming Baby Jack! (I promise I took the picture in the right lack of technological skills is astounding...)

Happy 1st Birthday Max! I just thought this jungle monkey turned out absolutely a very masculine, boy way of course!!!

These cakes were such fun to make, and the chocolate buttercream tasted delicious as well! I can't wait to move on to my next jungle creature....

Happy caking!


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