Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Showering Baby Showers!

Spring must be in the air, because its baby shower season!  Just this month I've made cakes for 2 baby showers, and I  have to say, they get cuter every time I look at them!  Themes thus far this year have included a pond/animal/turtle theme and a nautical sailing theme, and both cakes were such fun to put together. 

For the turtle/animal/pond themed cake, the mother-to-be really wanted some fondant 3-D turtles to grace the top of the cake.  When I googled a picture of a turtle cake, all I came up with were Ninja Turtle cakes, and as awesome as I think Leonardo is (I mean sword beats nunchucks ANY day of the week) I didn't think that was what Mom-to-be had in mind.  So, this is what I came up with, after the help of a couple of further online searches...

Unfortunately I don't have any more pictures of this one, in the crazy of that weekend I completely forgot to do THE most important document the cake!

Still, it is reported that Mom-to-be loved the cake, and the turtles were a big hit.  I thought they were stinking adorable. 

Next, Nautical themed cake!  Mom-to-be for this shower is a friend of my friend Mary Beth, and it is rumored that she's not even a huge fan of cake.  Gasp!  In order to go for a lighter than air cake feel, we did a really fluffy, soft vanilla cake with lemon curd custard filling and vanilla buttercream...YUM.  I love this filling, you really can eat it with a spoon.  Dangerous!

On the top, I made a fondant boat....named after its soon-to-be captain, Grayson!  I wanted to call it the S.S. Grayson, but I ran out of room on my boat.  Hindsight, 20/20. 

Even the sails are furled!  Bring me that horizon....

Is this not the cutest sailboat you've ever seen?  I made a bunch of anchors, portholes, fish, and birds, but once I put the boat on the cake I fell completely in love with it, just as it was.   Everything else would have cluttered it up, whereas this cake is just a boy and his boat, out in the open sea.  Here's hoping for smooth seas and favorable winds for Grayson's maiden voyage!

And...legend has it that Mom-to-be loved the cake!  Mission accomplished.  Bring on more baby showers!

Bon Voyage,

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