Monday, August 15, 2011


So apparently I've not updated this blog since April.  APRIL.  And its August....what in the world happened? 

Well for one thing, I've had a bunch of cakes.  I promise.  I'll attempt to prove that too you below...  Another thing, I ran a half marathon in Alaska with Team in Training.  So that took up a little bit of time.  Finally...I'm coming to the end of my graduate degree, and that can be consuming!  Dissertation writing, manuscript writing, editing, revisioning, experiments, etc.  Oh and job interviews.  So.  Maybe I get a free pass for not updating in a really long time? 

In a massive attempt to upload all of the cakes that have happened in the past couple of we go. 

This was a retirement cake for Mr. Howard Scott, who was my 4-H leader for years!  He's an amazing spirit who has influenced so many lives...congratulations to you!

Tractor.  Challenge. 

I'm incapable of rotating this image...

My dear friend and sorority sister Allison Lambert (previously Billings!) got married!  Her cake turned out gorgeous....and was so delicious!

Me and the bride :)  Isn't she pretty??

The monogram turned out really well on this one....

The happy couple!

The aftermath...and my favorite part :)

Now even though I attend NC State currently, being in the greater Raleigh area has its share of OTHER school options.  Including this graduation cake for Graham Sharpe!  Congrats to Graham! 

I know you won't believe it, but this blue devil took for.ever.  Absolutely worth it for the end result. 

Celebrating June with strawberry season-themed birthday cake!

It was just so fluffy and fun!

More birthdays!  April brithdays and cherry blossom themes, in honor of a favorite city of mine and its Cherry Blossom Festival!

And more birthdays!  Funny story...this cake is my first 'cake wreck!'  We had a little mix up on the spelling of Arwyn's name...Arwyn is named after Arwen from Lord of the Rings, but Arwyn's Mom didn't consult Tolkien in spelling....whoops!  I felt horrible, but apparently Arwyn is really forgiving when it comes to cake :) 

I had especially crazy cake weekend.  Multiple wedding cakes, a groom's cake, and 150 cookie favors!  Here is what 17 layers of cake looks like....

NCSU groom's cake!  I absolutely loved how this cake turned out, it looked so sharp.  Go Pack!

Funny story mom and I delivered this cake to the wrong church.  Twice.  An hour later, realized we had the wrong place, went back and retrieved the cake only to deliver it over an hour and a half late to the actual location of the rehersal dinner...just in time!  Amazingly, GPS, Iphone, Atlas, and Blackberry all disagreed on where the church was.  Technology.  Gracious. 

Then delivered this wedding cake to the country club in Seven Lakes for Katie and Wesley Webster's wedding!

Along with, 150 of these cookies with the adorable tagline : "The sweetest way to end the sweetest day!"  Thanks to Katie's creativity, these turned out great!

Then drove the 3 hours back to Goldsboro to finish the cake for my dear friends Katie and James!  Katie is a pink kind of girl...a pink polka dot kind of girl :)  It was an adorable cake for an adorable friend!

Don't worry, they played nice :) 

Then the following weekend, more cake for family friends the Casey's!  What these pictures don't show is another cake, made especially for the bride's dad, that was sugar free.  A ton of folks said they liked the sugar free cake even better than the wedding cake...I'm going to have to make that one more often!

The bride and groom next too their cake!  Beautiful couple!  We were going to teir this one with 5 inches between each teir, but when it was finished it was too tall for anyone to cut it!  This was our compromise, and I think it turned out pretty well.

Along with Mary and Jonathan's cake, we did 275 cake truffles in tiny tins!  They were so cute, and delicious.  Red velvet cake truffles, no less!

Then, back to Raleigh for a celebration for my church's Minister of Music in his retirement!  The theme for this party was "When you've said Bill Weisser, you've said it all!"   I just so happened to pick purple to match our choir robes, and lo and behold, the whole party had purple decorations.  Thank goodness!

More birthday cakes... summer time!

And last but not least, some baby shower cakes!  Double Trouble themed for 2 lovely women having little boys....

So cute!

And then an 'Under the Sea' themed cake for a new little girl.  Momma and baby whale! Precious!

Whew!  Now do you believe me that this was a cake-filled summer?  It was a joy filled summer, when you think about it!  Now.  What kind of cake are we going to have to celebrate grad school graduation?  Hmmmm :) 


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  1. Beth, so glad to hear that you are finishing up soon!! You mentioned job interviews, what's next for you? I would quit science and make cakes full time if I were as good as you!! Hope all is well for you.