Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mrs Verna Scott!

When you turn 80 years old, and you've never let anyone else make a cake for you for your birthday might as well get a realllllly big cake!! Go big or go home, right?
So to celebrate the wonderful lady that she is, Mrs Verna got a huge pink, square, basket of flowers and butterflies!

I definitely underestimated the time it would take to make this cake. Without the help of my fantastic mom and sister, this cake would have taken me for-ever. As in well past 2:00 am, which is when I finished even with their help! Now, cracking 2 huge cake layers and messing up a large batch of buttercream didn't exactly put me on the fast track to success...

This cake was both White Almond Sour Cream and Carrot Cake...I had never made carrot cake before, but this one smelled amazing. I'm definitely going to have to eat some of it next time!

But I think it turned out rather well :) I love how the butterflies are hovering over the flowers! This is a bright and happy cake for a lady who has brought love and cheer to the lives of many. Happy Birthday Mrs. Verna!


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