Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thomas and Niki Leigh...Saxaphone Love!

So Thomas Cooper and I grew up together. He was my marching band drum major, and when he went off to college, he continued playing in the ECU marching band, tenor sax section. Thats where he met his wife, Niki Leigh! Their wedding was beautiful and full of life...and music! With a wedding like that, what you need is a saxaphone cake!!
It even has keys!! They're in the right spot for keys...but good luck making any music come out of this saxaphone :)
The cake was white almond sour cream, and made up the saxaphone case. The saxaphone itself was rice crispy treats and sugar! I molded the crispy treats into the shape of the sax, stabilized it with dowel rods, and then coated it with (several!) coats of royal icing, buttercream, and then gum paste. I used edible gold luster to make the shine!

I learned so much making this cake...and it was heavy! I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the challenge of making it!!

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