Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nana!

My Nana is turning the big 7-0 this weekend, and we decided to celebrate in style, with a cake of course!  Even though my family is full of amazing bakers, Nana included...I was nominated by Nana to make her cake.  And what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets!  I was thrilled to make Nana's birthday cake for her big celebration.  Carrot cake is one of her favorites, and so thats what we did! 

The theme for the party was pink and green, so a pink and green cake I made!  Carrot cake with vanilla buttercream (traditionally carrot cake has cream cheese frosting, but for an outdoor party on a 94 degree September day, buttercream seemed a better option).  The daises I piped on, and I experimented again with a new technique...different colored base icing!  I know its a tiny detail, but making the sides of the cake green and the top of the cake white without an airbrush is trickier than it looks!

I like the tiny polka dots!

Cute daisies!

Here's the birthday girl with her cake! 

Nana getting some extra help from Jaden cutting into that cake. Jaden was VERY interested in the cake...sticking a finger in the icing, helping cut the cake, blowing out imaginary candles... :) 

So I added this picture for 2 reasons....1. To prove it was a carrot cake (brown!) and 2. How thick it is!!  I knew that I made tall cake, and I do this on purpose (if you're going to eat cake, EAT CAKE) but holy cow, this cake was thick!  The slice of it is as big as Jaden's head!

Jaden eating cake...yum!  I think this is my favorite part of baking...watching everyone I love eat my cake!!

Nana eating cake...yum!

Even Maddox ate cake!

The aftermath of 17 people on a hot fall day!

Me and the birthday girl!  I hope Nana enjoyed her cake as much as I enjoyed making it for her!  Love to you on your birthday, and many prayers for more celebrations to come!


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