Sunday, November 21, 2010

Puppy Cake

So I know it has been a while since I posted, and I promise I haven't been hiding from cakeburg / icingville and not baking.  Quite the opposite, in fact!  What I have been doing on top of cakes is my real job...grad school...and focusing on passing my preliminary exams.  Needless to say, the cakes that have happened in the last few months were a much needed break from studying constantly! 

I met Katie Demcio through one of my best friends, Olivia Bolen.  Olivia and I went to Elon together, lived together while we were in London, and spent more than one Saturday morning making strawberry pancakes and listening to Little Big Town.  When Olivia got married to her soulmate this august, both Katie and I were in the wedding together...and we became quick friends!  She's an absolute dear, and it was so much fun being a bridesmaid with her!  Bonus...we live in the same town, so now we get to hang out all the time.  Or whenever we find time, which turns out to be less than I would like. 

 Olivia, Katie, and Me (Right to Left) on Olivia's Wedding Day!

Katie came to me a while back and asked if I could make a birthday cake for her nephew, Holden.  Of course!  Anytime!  The small complication is that Holden is allergic to milk products...which means no sour cream pound cakes, no milk in the cake, and (eek!) no butter!  Never fear.  There is a recipe for everything.  A delicious recipe, at that! 

Holden has a favorite puppy that the whole party revolved around, so we focused the cake on that.  I think that the puppy turned out pretty good!  If 'puppy' is half as cute in person as he is in icing form, then I can see why Holden loves him so much!

We also made a little cake that could be completely for the birthday boy...the better to get messy in!   

Thankfully, Amy (Holden's mom!) sent me some fantastic pictures of Holden and his cake, or what was left of it, so that I could see how well the milk-less recipe went over.  I think its safe to say it was a hit! 

The cakes, and Puppy himself! 

This is a young man who knows exactly what to do with cake.  Grab cake with both hands, and smear all over face! 

Success!  And lets be honest, thats adorable! 

Maybe my favorite picture of all :) 

I was so honored to be asked to be a part of Holden (and puppy's) birthdays!  We'll see how puppy holds up with age, and look forward to watching Holden grow up to enjoy many more milk-free cakes!

Oh.... and I passed my prelims.  The cake therapy was absolutely necessary for this to happen!!

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