Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gobble Gobble

Better late than never....Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm a little behind in posting this one, as its mid-December, but what can you do.  Christy Bigelow, a friend from church, asked me to make her dad a birthday cake for Thanksgiving.  When she said he loved German chocolate, I got very excited, as I've never done one of those before! 

I immediately said German chocolate, with carmel coconut filling, chocolate buttercream and gnache topping.  Christy told me that her dad likes plain German chocolate.  Plain?  I don't even know how to do a plain cake anymore!  Eventually I talked her in to a more snazzy cake...and eventually she even asked for a turkey on the cake to commemorate the holiday! 

I have to say that German chocolate cake and frosting is more challenging than I initially thought...the frosting itself turned out terrible the first time.  My stovetop seems to heat hotter and faster than any stovetop known to man, and that resulted in, basically, scrambled eggs with butter.  Gross.  My second go round was much more successful, thankfully.  If it hadn't have been, I would have had to make a 3rd grocery run for more eggs!  The final product was delicious!

Having never done a turkey out of frosting before, I googled frosting turkey, and found a couple of pictures online of what I wanted it to look like, and there you have it!  Frosting Turkey.  I just basically layered milk chocolate and dark chocolate not only was he adorable, but tasty!

Pretty much the cutest frosting turkey I have ever seen.  Period. 

You could just eat him up!

He looks a little scared, don't you think? 

And then here's Mr. Bigelow with his cake and daughters!

All in all...I'd say the turkey expedition of 2010 was a success.  I'm going to have to make me a turkey cake next time...I hated to see him leave my house!

Until the next time I get a chance to post, enjoy the cake!


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